Island Mauritius

Mauritian architecture and crafts

An harmonious mosaic of cultures, the island of Mauritius offers its visitors the opportunity to appreciate its great diversity through eclectic architecture, living arts and crafts and other items to discover.


The Mauritian architecture : a style adapted to the tropics

It is with the French, the former occupants of Mauritius, that we must lay claim to have left their mark on the Mauritian architecture. To adapt to the hot and humid climate of the region, the country’s colonial houses have been constructed with a large veranda that goes around the house. The Creole houses are also part of the architectural heritage of Mauritius. These are distinguished by their shimmering colours, large windows and hipped roofs.

The luxurious villas that Villanovo feature are inspired by historical influences to offer a totally different setting. Moreover, many of the homes “foot in the water” status will delight lovers of the sea.

View on the Sea, Island Mauritius

The crafts and decoration of Mauritius : a treasure to explore

During you trip to Mauritius, you will discover a multi-faceted culture. European, Indian, African, Creole and Chinese and some time, have all left their mark and many influences to shape this nation.

The legacy of the Hindus from India, appears through the shimmering sari fabrics that you can buy at the market in Port-Louis. Africa is expressed through wooden sculptures and Creole art that will seduce you with its wicker products, embroidery and woven baskets. The arts and crafts market by the waterfront at Caudan will be your paradise for buying souvenirs of the island.

The construction of model ships has equally brought fame to the island of Mauritius throughout the world. Small boats to traditional sailboats and through to more modern models, the finesse of the details of construction and precision attest to the skills of local craftsmen.