The Italian Alps in summer: a large selection of activities

A natural frontier to the north of the peninsula, the Italian Alps constitute a getaway destination during the summer season for those who wish to enjoy the pure air of summits.


Hiking: the key activity for a memorable incursion to the heart of the Italian Alps

When summer arrives, nature turns the mountain tops green, the chance for herds to graze peacefully in the valleys. At this time of year, wild animals such as the ibex and chamois become more visible on the sheer slopes. In the air, royal eagles regularly pierce the silence with their sharp cries. Numerous walking and cycling tracks today offer access to this preserved natural paradise, whether you are in the Val d’Aoste, Piedmont, Lombardy or the Dolomites.

Via Alpina is an invaluable website that tells you about the hiking routes that criss-cross the Italian Alps. Routes are often transborder and offer the opportunity to cross over into France or Switzerland. Other attractions of the Italian Alps are the lakes that forge the enchanting scenery. In Lombardy, Lake Como has seen the birth of picturesque little towns such as Lenno and Lecco. The other magical lake in the region is at Piedmont, namely Lake Maggiore.


Other activities to discover in the italian Alps

If you’ve decided to get closer to the Alpine lakes, a little boat trip to inaccessible corners is an original way of soaking yourself in the beauty of Italy. Above all don’t miss the chance to photograph the magnificent scenery during your sorties into nature.

If you’re a thrill seeker, hang gliding is an activity to consider. Maniva, Col Rodella and Castelluccio are among the most spectacular sites. Regions such as Oulx also offer quad courses.