Hippie Ibiza: Discovering the other side of balearic islands

Known today by holidaymakers as the biggest party destination in the world, Ibiza was primarily a haven for hippies in search of serenity and an idyllic location to live their dream of absolute freedom.

Hippy culture: intimately linked with the recent history of Ibiza.

Behind the party cliché of Ibiza lies a story which is far less known and all the more fascinating. At the beginning of the ’60s artists and wealthy tourists took refuge on the island and it was back in 1964 that the first hippies arrived. In order to escape the new consumerist society emerging in the West and the Franco dictatorship, spirits in search of love and brotherhood settled on the island.

Between 1967 and 1975 a real community settled in Ibiza and the neighbouring island of Formentera, in perfect harmony with the local population, which then provided them with essential commodities for daily life. Idealists, artists, thinkers or just people looking for the wild magic of Ibiza, the beautiful coast and rural land, which remain unspoiled by tourism.

Hippie Ibiza: live the dream during your stay on the island


In order to really soak up the bohemian hippie soul of Ibiza, the first place to visit during your getaway is Punta Arabi market held every Wednesday in the town of Santa Eulalia. In a relaxed atmosphere and outside of time itself, go on a search for the clothes, accessories, costume jewellery and musical instruments that marked the ’70s.

Another unmissable hippie location is Benirras beach. Backed by a mountain covered by forest, this site regularly hosts hippies who celebrate the setting of the sun with drums. This fascinating spectacle is enlivened by the exhilarating rhythm of the music.