The Sri Lankan National Parks

The Sri Lankan National Parks

Besides the splendid tea plantations, the communion with nature that can be found in the Sri Lankan National Parks is indisputable. Discover the most well-known sites of this wonderful country!

The Yala National Park


At over 1500 sq km, the vast Yala National Park is one the most visited sites in Sri Lanka, due to the richness of its fauna and flora. Since its designation as a Natural Park in 1938, this ancient game reserve attracts the most experienced safari lovers. During your visit , you will come across some exceptional mammals, including elephants, panthers, black bears, macaques, jackals and wild buffalo, to name but a few. Be aware also that the Yala National Park has the highest population of leopards in the country.

Other Sri Lankan National Parks: Uda Walawe and Kumana Park

A trip to the Uda Walawe park is an unmissable experience during a holiday in Sri Lanka. Whilst visiting the area, you will be completely immersed in an immense nature reserve that houses more than 255 different bird species. You’ll notice the presence of many migratory birds. Kumana Park also figures amongst the key sites of Sri Lanka, where, in complete safety, tourists can observe troupes of elephants living naturally in the wild. With a little luck, you will see the elephants bathing, a famous and unusual spectacle which is not to be missed!
Horton Plains, Sinhajâra and Wilpatu offer unique first-hand experience with nature.

Lovers of mountain hiking mustn’t under any circumstances miss a trip to Horton Plains. With its waterfalls and panoramic views over the tea slopes, your visit will be simply unforgettable. Considered a biosphere reserve since 1978, the Sinhajâra forest reserve is known for its wild orchids and native tree species. Stretching to 131,000 hectares, the Wilpatu National Park has, in its turn, forged its reputation on its “Willus” lakes, bordered by grasslands.

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