A luxury tourist destination in the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is overflowing with well-preserved sites just waiting to be discovered and, most of all, to relax in. With beaches like paradise and exceptional forests, your trip to the island will be remain a great memory. If you rent a villa from us for your next holidays, here are some of the great things to see!


The southern region and its idyllic setting

Dominated by Mount Cocotte, Black River Gorges National Park is an unmissable site for adventure and nature lovers. This famous park is home to some unique mammals such as the Tenrec, a type of hedgehog, and the Mauritian Flying Fox By following certain paths, you can reach the summit of the island.

Some exceptional sites, such as the Tamarin salt marshes, are worth a detour. Often neglected or forgotten about, Souillac shows how clean and authentic Mauritius really is. Settle down in the Telfair garden for a picnic. Go to discover the Gris-Gris cliffs and the Crying Rock. Enjoy a natural, open air bath at the Rochester Falls waterfall. Stop too at the old port at Batelage.


The eastern region and its heavenly places

The eastern region of Mauritius, noted in particular for the Roches Noires, or Black Rocks, Poste Lafayette and the Ile aux Cerfs, is much appreciated for its exceptional spots that are perfect for rest and relaxation. Its beaches of white sand stretching as far as the eye can see, its turquoise seas and its luxury resorts will immerse you in an exotic paradise. In an afternoon, you can recharge your batteries in this haven of peace and serenity, completely forgetting the hustle and bustle of daily life.