Bali, the ideal getaway, and a surfer’s paradise!

Are you seeking adventure and beautiful waves? Bali is the perfect destination for you! Situated between Java and Lombok, this island bathed by the Indian Ocean, with a year-round temperate climate, is a veritable corner of paradise for surfers. Take out your surfboards today: set your sights on the best surfing spots in Bali!

Alternating between luxurious forests and rice paddies, the Balinese landscape exudes beauty and generosity. Along the coast, the beaches serve as a permanent an invitation for relaxation, but the thing for which the island is truly famous, is the surf! Both beginners and experts alike will find their pleasure here.

Perfect conditions all year round!

While this sport can be practiced year-round, the dry season stretching from May to November, is the best period to profit from the joys of gliding across the Balinese waters: The regular south-east winds allow surfing under excellent conditions. The high season, between July and September, is synonymous with peak visitation. However, the locales are numerous and diversified, Bali promises waves for each of its visitors. During the wet season, from November to March, The Monsoon creates excellent swells along the east coast of the Bukit peninsula, reserved for the most experienced surfers.

The best surfing spots in Bali

Beginner, adept, expert…Bali promises riding thrills regardless your level of expertise.


Kuta and Legian beaches are ideal with moderate waves and sandy floors. Be sure to profit also from Medewi and its windbreak, Airport Reefs and its waves left and right, Padang Galak, or Sri Lanka and its beautiful straight wave.
And for those surfers-in-training wishing to achieve their first bottom-turn, there are several surfing schools in Kuta and Leigan, offering private or group surf courses, run by accredited professionals.


There is no lack of choice on the island of the Gods! Numerous sites are blessed with large, spectacular waves, a real promise of breathtaking thrills.

Ulu Watu, on the south of the island, is one of the legendary spots attracting hundreds of thrill seeking surfers each year. Along with Dreamland and Padang-Padang, it forms a sensational trio where the waves can climb as high as three meters. Echo Beach is another not to be missed spot to challenge the waves, but reserved to hardened surfers. Moreover, spectators, flock there on nice days to admire and cheer the audacious athletes. Fifteen minutes or so from Kuta, there is another spot which is steadily gaining in popularity: Canggu but it does not permit mistakes, because its coral floor holds a risk of injury.

Best surf spots in Bali


Crédits photo : Brent Fitzgerald