Porto-Vecchio: Beaches of Wonder and Opulence !

Stay a while in Southern Corsica’s beautiful Porto-Vecchio! This seaside resort is a jewel on the Island of Beauty, where its magnificent beaches and lively, historic side streets charm over a million visitors a year.

Between Bastia and Bonifacio, Porto-Vecchio is a must-see coastal destination in southern Corsica. Who could resist a winter’s escape to milder weather and easy Mediterranean living ,or a summer’s jaunt at a fine sand beach? Not to mention the town’s rich historical sites, like its 16th century bastion, or the breathtaking landscape sure to brighten any casual stroll.


The town’s enchanting marina even has something for your inner seafarer with unforgettable excursion opportunities in the Tyrrhenian Sea! Discover the Lavezzi islands or let your mind wander among the craters and rocky inlets that surround this island’s beautiful coasts. Be sure to remember one-of-a-kind scuba diving! The diverse flora and fauna found at the bottom of the île Cerbicales, small islands off the Palombagia shore, are sure to leave you in awe.


Make the most of the magic of Porto-Vecchio in a luxurious villa!
Nicknamed the “Saint-Tropez of Corsica,” Porto-Vecchio’s widespread popularity is undeniable! This seaside getaway has made a name for itself among the most sought after high-end vacation destinations; and true to our reputation here at VillaNovo, we would love to offer you the most beautiful villa rentals at Porto-Vecchio!


The Villa Marinka is a splendid 170 m2 property with an exceptional panoramic view that includes the Palombaggi beach, the îles Cerbicales, and a breathtaking view of Sardinia at that. Its contemporary architecture includes 4 bedrooms, 2 showers and 1 full bath, as well as a large 60 m2 dining room. This is an ideal vacation home for families or groups of friends. Just imagine lounging glamorously along the infinity pool on the villa’s fully furnished terrace. And to top it all off: private beach access! Sounds almost like a dream, doesn’t it?

Villa Marinka


The Villa Timu is another one of our luxurious properties that is absolutely sure to please. At the heart of 16,000 m2 of steep, rugged landscape, this house is a harmonious mix of natural outcroppings and maritime views. The expansive view of the Palombaggia bay is superb! Want more? It comes with a heated pool, a sitting room furnished with one-of-a-kind window seats carved into the stone walls, and five bedrooms all boasting their own bathroom. At a 10 minute drive from the center of Porto-Vecchio, this villa allows for a peaceful, quiet vacation that’s just a stone’s throw from the coastal sights and vivacity.

Villa Timu